A Thrilling Way to Explore World Cultures

P.D. Workman
11 min readMay 12, 2023

World Day for Cultural Awareness is celebrated on May 21 every year, providing an opportunity to promote cultural diversity and understanding. In today’s world, where people are increasingly isolated and divided, it is important to celebrate our differences and learn from each other. As an author, I strive to incorporate diverse perspectives and cultures into my writing, promoting empathy and understanding among readers.

Incorporating diverse perspectives and cultures into literature is crucial for promoting empathy and understanding. Through my Parks Pat Mysteries series, I aim to showcase the importance of cultural awareness and empathy in literature. The series provides readers with a thrilling read while also offering glimpses into Canada’s Indigenous culture.

My Parks Pat Mysteries series is set in beautiful parks in and around Calgary, following Detective Margie Patenaude as she investigates a string of murders while juggling the challenges of being a single mom and Métis woman. With each case, Margie and her team investigate a murder in a different park in Calgary, providing vivid descriptions of the city’s natural beauty. The mysteries are intricate and fast-paced, and readers will love the well-developed characters and situations that are believable. There are currently six books out, with three more being released next month (including Sanctuary in the Stream, which will be my 100th published book!)

The series has received praise from readers, commenting on the excellent writing, twisty plots, and interesting glimpses into Canada’s Indigenous culture. The books are quick reads, making them perfect for those days when readers need a break from their busy lives. As an author, I believe that reading diverse books can help promote understanding and empathy.

World Day for Cultural Awareness is a reminder to celebrate diversity and learn from each other. I hope that the Parks Pat Mysteries series can promote cultural understanding and provide a thrilling read at the same time. Pick up a copy of the series and take a walk in a Calgary park with Parks Pat today!


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