Delusions of the Past and other freebies

Looking for some new books to add to your Kindle? Delusions of the Past, book #6 of the Reg Rawlins Psychic Investigator series is free this weekend only.

And I have gathered together a few other freebies you might be interested in as well. Scroll past Delusions of the Past to find the rest.

What kind of a monster poisons a psychic’s cat?

When Starlight first fell ill, Reg thought that she was the cause of it. She should have been watching him more carefully. She should have found out about household plants and chemicals that could hurt her familiar. She was clearly a negligent owner.

But it soon becomes clear that there is some darker force at work, and Reg is going to need all of her resources to find the culprit before it is too late if she is to have any chance of saving her furry companion’s life.


Looking for a few more? Check these freebies out.

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