Hoppy Easter Reading

A quick word before I jump into my Easter blog to let you know that the set of Zachary Goldman Mysteries 1–4 is on sale for $4.99. Get it while it lasts!

I haven’t written any books that are specifically about Easter, so I decided to broaden the theme of my post this week to include bunnies (or chicks or other cute spring babies), which let’s me share Allergen-Free Assignation, book #3 of the Auntie Clem’s Bakery series with you. Let me introduce you to Marshmallow, a white and toasted-brown bunny who makes his first appearance in this book.

Erin Price, gluten-free baker turned sleuth, is happy to be dabbling in a murder that this time is too old and too cold for her to be considered a suspect.

As Erin begins to unearth the buried secrets of Bald Eagle Falls, she is forced to confront her own family’s dark history, a history which she knows little about. But there are others in the small town who are interested in the Price family; people who are determined to end her investigation at any cost.

Can Erin figure out who is behind the threats before more than her family secrets end up dead and buried?

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And more Easter reads!

I couldn’t just leave you with one book, so I hunted high and low for some more Easter treats to fill up your basket.

Hop on over to my blog to check them out!



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