Unraveling Secrets: To Knit a Murder

P.D. Workman
2 min readSep 5, 2023

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To Knit a Murder, by Sally Goldenbaum, is book 2 in the Seaside Knitters Society cozy mystery series. I haven’t read book number 1, but have been able to follow the characters and story pretty well.

I have just gotten to the murder, and things are not looking so great for Rose Chopra and a few other characters in the book. The suspicions are being slowly built up. The reader is led to believe that Rose is not the murderer, but as we only saw her before and after the murder scene, we can’t be sure. Unless she is an unreliable narrator, she should be in the clear.

Rose’s backstory is being gradually revealed, but we don’t have the full story yet or everything that happened between her and the murder victim in the past.

This crafty cozy mystery makes a good palate cleanser after some of the grittier books I have read lately. It immerses you in the imaginary town of Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, creating a sense of warmth and community.

Have you read any of Sally Goldenbaum’s books?

What is your favorite crafty cozy series?

I will never live in you, house. Never. Bad things will happen there.

Sally Goldenbaum, To Knit a Murder


A mysterious woman arrives in picturesque Sea Harbor, Massachusetts, and the Seaside Knitters welcome her into their cozy world of intricate patterns and colorful skeins. Unfortunately, nothing frays a warm introduction like cold-blooded murder . . .

With her shy manner and baggy jeans, Rose Chopra becomes an unlikely hero the night she stumbles into Izzy Perry’s shop and inadvertently saves a shipment of yarn from water damage. When the Seaside Knitters help the enigmatic handywoman settle into town and find work at a popular real estate company, Rose proves she can fix just about anything — until a potential homebuyer is killed and she becomes entangled in murder . . .

The moment controversial entrepreneur Spencer Paxton is found dead in a pricey oceanside house, accusations fly at the last person on the property — Rose. But the Seaside Knitters have their doubts.
As tensions build in the sleepy New England community and Rose’s secret past unravels, the ladies face an unsettling realization — true victims aren’t always the ones buried six feet under . . .



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